Top Rail Services

Top Rail Services provides an extensive scope of design, consultations, maintenance & repairing services for locomotives and trams, and procurements for all sorts of standard or customised parts used in trains, trams and locomotives.

The range of our business:

·       Maintenance and repairing parts in locomotives or other train transportations. For example, Battery charger, single phase inverter, three phases inverter, DC-DC power supply, IGBT model. Step lights. Master control, driver display. Magnetic Detector;

·       Providing most electrical spare parts for the locomotives such as Fuse ,resistors, speed sensor, voltage sensor, current sensor, thyristor, AC/DC contactor, Mica insulator,Ceramics insulator,step lights,air pressure switch,DC/DC power supply, etc.

·       Sourcing standard or customised parts all over the world for our customers;

·       Consultancies for commissioning, testing, and complex faults in train transportation;

·       Designing various power supply including single phase inverter, three phase inverter, Battery charger, DC-DC converter;

·       Provide traction system technical supply. We are CSR TEG ,CSR off railway products ,Lince and powerfutre science & technology Co. , Ltd agent in Australia. More information see TEG website:,, and

·       Designing various Dynamic Brake Unit (DBU), Power range 1kw to 1800kw. For example, LV37&LQ36 locomotives DBU for Downer EDI; we also can provide all of the DBU parts, like Ceramics, Mica insulator, and ribbon.

The working staffs of TRS are professional with solid knowledge, experienced with dedicated attitude, and efficient with high quality. Behind our company are reliable manufacturers with good word-of-mouth in their industry. All these enable us to provide totally qualified products with competitive cost to our precious customers.

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