JLC Connectors

Over the last 20 years, JLC electrical connectors have been recognized as proficient and key components for rail transportation projects due to the exceptional safety and reliability advantages. Till now, this brand has established a complete industrial chain for a number of domestic and international clients, including Bombardier, Alstom, CRRC, Wabtec, NARI… etc. Currently, the biggest single order of rail programme is featured as HCMT in Victoria’s history, while this significant project is rolling full stream ahead, among which, millions of JLC connectors are contributing to the fulfillment of the owners’ expectation.

Top Rail Group, as the general agent of JLC products in Australia, is acting as this crucial vendor. Our long-term professionalism, good communication, judgement acumen and top-level credibility have all given rise to the present sustainable and virtuous development of the business. The electrical connector inventory is generally composed of plug and socket connectors, jacks and plugs, crimp-on connectors, soldered connectors, insulation-displacement connectors, binding posts, screw terminals and so on.

For more information, please refer to the corporate brochure or simply reach out to assist with your specific projects.