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battery charger


The TGY110V/150A01 high frequency switch charge cabinet is mainly used in the HXD1 AC transmission electric locomotive. This kind of charge cabinet transforms the three-phase AC 440V power source sprightly to the DC 110V power source, and provides the 110V power source for the locomotive and the battery unit. The another function of the charge cabinet is transforming the DC 110V power source to the DC 24V power source for the emergency lights, and measuring appliances, etc.

This system installed in a 1400mmH*600mmW*600mmD case, has five charge modules, two DC/DC modules and a monitoring unit. Each charge module is supplied by a 110VDC/30A power source, so the total power capacity of the charge cabinet is 110VDC/150A.Single battery charge modules will not cause paralysis damage to the charger.


The system applies the RS232 serial port, may transmits many kinds of observed value and the status messages to the PC (WIN98/WIN2000 operating system), which has monitoring software’s.
The system may also apply the control unit to carry on the data acquisition, the correspondence, the warning, the parameter adjustment and the protection to the system.