Electric Wiper Device

Wiper device provides a bright and clear sight for drivers in rainy environment, so it will definitely require comparatively high operation safety and reliability, especially for the case of rail projects. Top Rail Group, having been achieved enormous success as a wiper system supplier for SDA1 locomotive project, is currently dedicated to deploy different control methods for the wiper mechanical and electrical assembly. Our development has recently gained its milestone, demonstrated as three primary approaches: PLC, general MCU and a universal platform based on MCU, all of which can be compatible with 24V, 74V and 110V power supply, and available to provide high-speed, low-speed, intermittence, water spray and stop&reset working modes. Besides, one outstanding feature of the universal control platform should be the availability to drive different types of motors, including DC motor, brushless motor, on the basis of adjustable voltage input between 5~130V. We target to display our tailored solutions to correspond to the detailed requirements from our valued customers.

For more information of our wiper product or wiper control solution, please refer to the corporate brochure or simply reach out to discuss your specific requests with us!