Design & Customization

Design & Customization

To cater for the demand in new product development among electrical engineering market, Top Rail Group offers proficient design and customization services on the basis of our concrete capabilities. By processing all steps under the same roof, all segments can be seamlessly integrated straight initiating from an engineering mindset, and subsequently marching into mechanical, electrical, electronic, firmware and software levels. Our capabilities can also cover your requirements on the current old-school product upgrading, mainly referring to adding or modifying the existing functionalities of a product to turn to a state-of-art model. Besides, we also support reverse engineering, which opens access to unconventional approaches in certain cases. Our design capabilities mainly concentrate on the following:

  • 3D Mechanical Configuration Design
  • Main Circuit and Control Circuit Design
  • Electrical and Mechanical Parameter Design
  • Control Module Solutions based on Different Programs
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Mechanical Simulation
  • Power Simulation

Our design and customization capabilities have supported a series of successful industrial cases, including our resistive load banks, electric wiper device, wiper control system, dynamic brake resistors and grounding resistors, IGBT module testing platform, locomotive function testing platform, electric wiring harness solution, etc. The below provides some design and customization examples for you to express any interests for a one-on-one discussion.

Figure 1 Load Bank Configuration Design based on Rhino

Figure 2 Thermal Simulation based on ANSYS

Figure 3 Electrical Parameter Design based on MATLAB

Figure 4 Wiper Assembly Mechanical Design based on CATIA

Figure 5 Wiper Dynamic Simulation based on CATIA