Electric Vehicle Solution

Super Capacitor Hybrid Approach

Nowadays, hybrid vehicles are leading concepts in the domain of transportation and logistics. Responding to the new energy scheme within ANZ region, Top Rail Group has explored and introduced super capacitor technology to public transportation buses and garbage trucks, integrated with other internationally famous brands, such as Maxwell or Cummins.

This overall programme is composed of a series of subclass projects, including traction motors, generators, inverters, ESS, chassis as well as complete vehicle manufacture. By reasons of pursuing continuous improvement and qualifying for associated development and production activities, Top Rail Group would be willing to undertake the obligations on facilitating the clean energy strategy to every routine circumstance of transportation and logistics as much as we are able to, to directly reduce emissions and optimize fuel efficiency, to contribute to human public utilities in the long run.

Any interest in our hybrid vehicle solution? Please refer to the corporate brochures as below for specifications, or simply reach out to discuss within your project scope.

All-In-One EV Solution

Electric Vehicle, known as EV in brief, has been reckoned as perfect metropolitan transportation solutions and leading the concept of sustainable future. Top Rail Group has the most complete product lines and the state-of-art technologies. As a highly integrated solution provider, Top Rail Group has featured an entire industrial chain of EV solutions to face diversified market demands, from IGBT components to BMS and drive motors, from power system platforms to complete vehicle manufacturing.

With the previously launched generations of EV products succeeded in both worldwide, at the current phase, particularly, some European countries’ governments have realized the significance of encouraging new energy transportation and overall substituting fuel vehicles by 2025, which will by all means lead a new era worldwide against the energy issues in public concerns. To respond to this new energy subject, Top Rail Group would welcome to hear about as specific requirements as possible from any potentially co-operative organizations.

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Charging Platform

Matching commercial charging platforms provide proper charging solutions for new energy vehicles, therefore, which are essential facilities to assist with power refill. Top Rail Group is capable at 4 distinct types of application platforms to accommodate assorted EV models, respectively including Ultra-fast (Super Capacitor) Platform, Fast-charging (Pantograph) Platform, Slow-charging (Plug-in) Platform and Fuel Cell Platform.

To learn more regarding the platform specifications and other application requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us!