Assembly & Installation

Assembly & Installation

During the last decade, Top Rail Group has grown up from a fresh entrant to an innovative technology facilitator. As different generations of engineering and trade talent poured into our organization, a multi-functional team has come into existence, consequently recruiting a number of intelligent engineers and technicians, among whom, all team members originate from mechanical or electronic&electrical engineering background or related certified licenses, including PHD, masters and accredited professionals. In addition, our spacious warehouse can guarantee a high volume storage capacity while our complete variety of tools and instruments can also provide necessary aids for all your assembly and installation requirements.

Assembly and installation, as the procedure that realize a virtual design into an actual prototype, is the segment involving the most challenges. Through years’ project engagement, Top Rail Group has accumulated adequate experience on electrical products. Our assembly and installation capabilities have been broadly applied to the following domains:

  • Rolling Stock Electrical System

— Driver’s Console

— Electric Cabinet

— Vehicle Body Wiring

— Third Party Components

i.e. Signal System, Smoke Detector, Vigilance System,

DTRS, Access Control System, Network Host, etc…

  • Rolling Stock Braking System

— Air Brake Module

— Dynamic Brake Resistor

— Grounding Resistor

  • Rolling Stock Wiper System

— Mechanical Assembly

— Control Unit Fitting

  • Electric Vehicle Driving System

— Drive Motor and Gearbox

— Control System

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