Load Bank Range

A load bank applies an electrical load to the power source and dissipates the resulting electrical energy through resistive elements as heat. In the particular case of diesel generators’ performance testing, load banks function as highly effective approaches. As known to all, diesel generators have always been employed as the independent power source in the micro-grid systems for the agricultural and industrial projects at regional areas. In these circumstances, Top Rail Group researched and deployed a series of load bank products, ranging from 100kW till 1000kW testing ability. Experiencing extreme testing conditions before launches, our products have been rigidly verified with an amount of outstanding features, including high-level power supply reliability, load step control, temperature monitoring&control, rail industrial class components, transport convenience, etc. At the current stage, 100kW and 500kW models are already being in stock, ready to go. Other models can also be available right in succession.

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