Control Assembly


High integration, reducing high voltage and low voltage terminals by 30%;

Highly integrated internal collaborative control with fast response and good synchronization;

Precision cast aluminum manufacturing process, light weight and small size;

Consider both high speed and high climbing grade requirements;

Suitable for demands of 3.5-6 meters logistics vehicle.

More parameters
Functional integrationDrive motor control, DC/DC module (rating 1.5kW), DC/AC module (rating 5kW), insulation detection module, high voltage distribution function
Applicable models3.5t~18t logistics vehicle

Rating capacity (kVA)90/120
Maximum capacity (kVA)150/180
Working voltage range (V)250~720
Output frequency range (Hz)0~600
Control power supply (V)9/36

Working temperature range(℃)-40~+85
Cooling method/cooling medium flow(L/min)Water cooling/15
Outline dimensions (mm)680×492×170
weight (kg)30
Protection levelIP67